Hyper Connected Network / Swarming Particles

Swarming (Double System 1) Swarming (Double System 2) Swarming (Double System 3) Swarming (Double System 4) Swarming (Double System Red 1) Swarming (Double System Red) Swarming (Double System) Swarming (Single System White 1) Swarming (Single System White 2) Swarming (Single System White 3) Swarming (Single System White) Swarming (Single System)

One response to “Hyper Connected Network / Swarming Particles

  1. Fantastic work!
    I especially love swarming-double-system-red2, swarming-single-system-white-12, and swarming-single-system-white-32.
    Would love to get them printed on canvas and hang on my walls.
    Is there a possibility of getting high-resolution images? Can they be created with code?
    I’m quite intrigued. Would appreciate an email reply. Thanks.


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