Issey Miyake Store Facade, NYC

Top (Detail)

The design of a new façade for the building in which is located the Issey Miyake Pleats Please store was a way to speculate on the architectural consequences of a research on the sartorial tectonics we made during Andrew Sanders’s class.
We focused our research on the increasing relevance of surface as a primary vehicle for architecture to engage contemporary society, coupled with the rapid evolution of cus- tomizable computation and fabrication parallels in fashion and architecture.

The main essay turned out was the difference between “dressing” and “dressing-up”. These can be defined as two (historically) different approaches that every kind of de- signers can take. Even if both approaches are mostly related to aesthetic values, the first (:dressing) is a research on the beauty which works on the structure in itself in order to get attractiveness, while the latter (:dressing-up) loses coherence with the structure of the design by finding beauty on the decoration, like adding new elements (not essential to the structure) in order to get attractiveness.

The five floor building we worked on was located at the corner of 128 Wooster Street, NY in SoHO and we assumed that it needed to be aesthetically revitalized by a new façade. The approach I took was to avoid altering the existing structure and giving the possibil- ity to the next generations to return at the original status of the building. So I decided just to add new elements to the current façade by dressing up it with a new skin. I practiced the skills I got in Andrew Saunders’ seminar, with experimentation in nCloth (Maya) and tailoring techniques, in order to get an organic appearance for the new façade.

Tutor: Andrew Saunders (RPI)

Detail 1


Portfolio (trascinato)
NYC Permutations 1 NYC Permutations 2

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